• New Adjustable, Decimal, Collapsible Quadrat vs Three Old Quadrats—An Evaluation

      Khan, C. M. A. (Society for Range Management, 1974-01-01)
      This paper presents an evaluation of a new adjustable, decimal, collapsible quadrat (ADCQ) of meter square size in comparison with three other quadrats employed for range vegetation sampling in Pakistan since 1966. In addition to size of quadrats, the different modes of subdivisions built in as an aid for estimation of vegetation cover within the same sized quadrats affected very significantly the different attributes of quadrats as well as quality of data recorded. The new quadrat was faster than other meter square quadrats to a highly significant extent and was as fast as canopy coverage quadrat (CCQ) with only .15 m2 in size. The coefficient of variation for the new quadrat was significantly less than CCQ. The new quadrat was more precise in sampling major species than all other quadrats. Unlike the new quadrat, older meter square quadrats overestimated the cover values. Whereas CCQ was relatively better in estimating cover of minor species, the new quadrat was the best of all in estimating total vegetation cover, cover of major species and litter. It also was most efficient in sampling major species. Its efficiency computed over five vegetation criteria was significantly greater than older meter square quadrats. The constructional advantages of ADCQ over fractional quadrat (FQ) as well as the decimalized, collapsible, meter square quadrat (DCMSQ) are also of importance.