• Range Vegetation and Sheep Production at Three Stocking Rates on Stipa-Bouteloua Prairie

      Smoliak, S. (Society for Range Management, 1974-01-01)
      Stipa-Bouteloua prairie was grazed by sheep at three stocking rates over a 19-year period. Under continuous heavy grazing the vegetative cover and forage yield deteriorated mainly through the large increase in blue grama and the decrease in the more productive grasses. The mature ewes grazed at the heavy rate were lighter in body weight and gave birth to smaller lambs, which were weaned at lower body weights, than those grazed at the moderate or light intensities of use. The Stipa-Bouteloua prairie should be stocked at not less than 1.0 acre per ewe per month to maintain the vegetative cover in a productive condition.