• Germination of Range Plant Seeds after Long Periods of Uncontrolled Storage

      Hull, A. C. (Society for Range Management, 1973-05-01)
      One hundred sixty-six lots of seed representing 60 species were stored from 14 to 41 years in unheated sheds. After 14 years storage only 36 of the 102 lots of grass produced seedlings. Of the 68 lots stored for 20 years, only 16 emerged. After 27 years of storage no grass seeds were viable. All 24 lots of legume seed produced seedlings after 14 years storage. Fifteen lots stored 20 years or more were all viable. Of the 21 lots of forb seed stored from 23 to 41 years only Erodium cicutarium produced seedlings. Stored for 37 years, this was the oldest seed to germinate. None of five lots of shrub seed stored 20 years were viable.