• Effect of Plant Moisture Stress on Carbohydrate and Nitrogen Content of Big Sagebrush

      Dina, S. J.; Klikoff, L. G. (Society for Range Management, 1973-05-01)
      Delineation of the effects of plant moisture stress on carbohydrate and nitrogen content of important range species is needed for proper intensity of range use of summer ranges when high plant water stress conditions exist. Water potential of big sagebrush shows great seasonal variation, ranging from a low of -70.3 bars in September to a high of -8.3 bars in April. Starch content did not significantly change in water stressed plants, but sugar content significantly increased in leaves, stem, and roots. Leaf nitrogen content significantly decreased in water stressed plants, while stem nitrogen content significantly increased. Sugar increases in the leaves, stem, and roots and nitrogen accumulation in the stem of water stressed plants may be of adaptive significance.