• Simulated Grazing Management Systems in Relation to Shrub Growth Responses

      Willard, E. E.; McKell, C. M. (Society for Range Management, 1973-05-01)
      Little rabbitbrush and snowberry plants were clipped for 5 years to simulate annual browsing at the same time each year, under deferred-rotation, alternate-rest, and rest-rotation grazing systems at each of three different intensities (30, 60, and 90% of herbage removal). The number of new sprouts was increased by some clipping treatments and all intensities of clipping in both species. Sprout length was reduced by all clipping schedules and intensities of clipping on little rabbitbrush but not on snowberry. Mortality of sprouts was high during their first year of growth. Carbohydrate reserves were lowered for both species by some clipping schedules and by all intensities of clipping.