• Production and Nutrient Status of Whitetop

      Smith, A. L. (Society for Range Management, 1973-03-01)
      Post-flowering production of whitetop (Scolochloa festucacea [Willd.] Link.) was greater from burned and mowed sites than from undisturbed sites. Production from grazed stands was equal to that from undisturbed sites. Whitetop growth was initiated earlier on burned sites resulting in an earlier flowering time. Phenological differences in N content of the plant could be detected relative to water depth in the pothole. Nitrogen content decreased through flowering then increased. Potassium content decreased through the growing season. No concentration patterns were noted for other basic cations in the plant tissue relative to growth stage, site condition, or land-use practice. No relationship was ascertained between nutrient status of whitetop and land-use practice of the supporting site.