• Prescribed Burning Rotations on Pine-Bluestem Range

      Grelen, H. E.; Whitaker, L. B. (Society for Range Management, 1973-03-01)
      Burning one-seventh of a range each year in winter, one-seventh in spring, and one-seventh in summer produced no more gain on Brahman crossbred heifers than did burning one-third of the unit in winter. Average gains during the 4-year study ranged from 120 to 271 lb./head for a 168-day period, or 0.7 to 1.6 lb./head/day.
    • Returns from Southern Forest Grazing

      Pearson, H. A.; Whitaker, L. B. (Society for Range Management, 1973-03-01)
      Over a 10-year span, commercial herds grazing bluestem forest ranges in central Louisiana provided data on the returns from good cattle and range management. With labor cost excluded, per-cow returns on the investment were from 14 to 18%, with the best return from light stocking. Returns per acre of range varied from $1.88 under light stocking to $2.67 under heavy use.