• Honey Mesquite Seedling Growth and 2,4,5-T Susceptibility as Influenced by Shading

      Scifres, C. J.; Kienast, C. R.; Elrod, D. J. (Society for Range Management, 1973-01-01)
      Honey mesquite seedlings emerged and survived continuous 50% reductions in radiant energy but were reduced in oven-dry weight. General morphological changes in seedlings from shading included increased height, decrease in number of leaves and leaf area, and delay in stem woodiness. Over 70% continuous reduction in radiant energy significantly reduced seedling survival and growth. Continuous reduction in radiant energy of over 90% of full sunlight prevented honey mesquite seedling establishment. More honey mesquite seedlings which developed under shade were killed by 2,4,5-T sprays than seedlings grown under open sunlight.