• Herbage Response to Precommercial Thinning in Direct-Seeded Slash Pine

      Grelen, H. E.; Whitaker, L. B.; Lohrey, R. E. (Society for Range Management, 1972-11-01)
      Direct-seeded slash pines (Pinus elliottii Engelm. var elliottii) were thinned at age 3 years to densities ranging from 500 to 5,300 trees/acre. At stand age 12 years, herbage yields were inversely related to tree basal area, varying from 560 lb./acre under tree basal areas of 125 ft2 to 2,230 lb. under 54 ft2. Where timber stand densities were equal, yield did not vary between plots that had been thinned selectively and those on which continuous opening had been created by removing trees in strips.