• Canada's Rangeland Resource—A Look Ahead

      Johnston, A. (Society for Range Management, 1972-09-01)
      Canada's cattle population is expected to increase from its present 13.7 million head to about 16.5 million head by 1980. About 5.3 million acres of additional pasture will be required to feed the extra cattle and most of it will come from land presently in grain. Range managers will be more concerned than formerly with cultivated pastures and hayland and the integration of these with native range.
    • A Method for Measuring Soil Erosion and Deposition with Beta Particle Attenuation

      Alldredge, A. W.; Whicker, F. W. (Society for Range Management, 1972-09-01)
      A method utilizing beta particle attenuation was developed for measuring soil erosion and deposition in a shortgrass plains ecosystem. This method used a sealed strontium-90 source located below ground level. Soil erosion and deposition was observed by fluctuations in detected count rates using a portable Geiger Mueller counting system. Initial results indicate that quantitative measurement of soil depth fluctuations in amounts considerably less than one millimeter and over a period of a few weeks are possible. Data are presented from application of this method in six soil series under heavy, moderate, and light summer grazing treatments.