• Effects of Several Factors on Saltbush Establishment in California

      Nord, E. C.; Hartless, P. F.; Nettleton, W. D. (Society for Range Management, 1971-05-01)
      Certain saltbush taxa can be established by direct seeding and may reduce fire hazards on fuel-breaks in California chaparral areas. Fourwing, allscale, and Gardner saltbushes were seeded at depths of 1/2 and 1 inch on four spring dates 2 to 4 weeks apart on noncalcareous soils at two test sites. A planting depth of 1/2 inch gave better results than 1 inch, and late spring when mean soil temperatures range between 60 and 65 F is apparently the best time for seeding if moisture is adequate. Fourwing saltbush produced the best stands and largest plants. The saltbush species and strains from sources closer to the planting site, or similar to it, or have the widest distributional range and tolerance to soil salts are most likely to be established by direct seeding and grow satisfactorily on neutral to slightly acid soil.