• Botanical and Chemical Composition of Esophageal and Rumen Fistula Samples of Sheep

      Rice, R. W.; Cundy, D. R.; Weyerts, P. R. (Society for Range Management, 1971-03-01)
      Bifistulated wethers (esophageal and rumen) were used to collect samples of the diet while grazing shortgrass native range. Rumen samples were obtained by grab sampling rumen contents. The rumens were not evacuated prior to sampling. The esophageal and rumen grab samples were different botanically. There were fewer forbs and more grasses found in rumen samples. The nitrogen content of rumen samples was higher than that of esophageal samples. Rumen samples were lower in in vitro dry matter digestibility than esophageal samples. Rumen grab samples cannot be expected to yield quantitative botanical information on grazing animals diet or on nitrogen content and dry matter digestibility.