• In Vitro Digestibility of Native Grass Hay

      Karn, J. F.; Clanton, D. C.; Rittenhouse, L. R. (Society for Range Management, 1971-03-01)
      Method of storage had a greater effect on the in vitro dry matter digestibility (DMD) of native grass hay than either storage time or date of cutting. The nutritive value of native hay was maintained better by storing it in round bales than by storing it in windrows, bunches or letting it remain standing. The first 60 days in storage was the period when native hay had the greatest loss of nutritive value regardless of storage method. There was an interaction of cutting date and year on DMD. The early cut hay in 1962 had a higher DMD (42.7%) than the late cut hay (40.3%). There was no difference in 1963 (40.6 vs. 40.1%).