• Longevity of Buffel Grass Seed Sown in an Arid Australian Range

      Winkworth, R. E. (Society for Range Management, 1971-03-01)
      Three sets of buffel grass seed with germination percentages of 0.8, 35 and 94 were sown in a spinifex grassland near Alice Springs, N.T., at a depth of 2.5 cm. Replicated batches were recoverd from each set at increasing intervals and their germinability compared to seed kept in laboratory storage. All seed lost dormancy progressively, more rapidly in soil than storage. In the soil natural death of non-dormant seeds was probably concurrent with loss of dormancy, the balance leading eventually to small germination percentages. Values of about 10% were obtained 2-4 years after sowing, the seed with highest germinability at sowing having the shortest span. In storage germination percentages remained above 60. Range seeding of adapted varieties of buffel grass in arid regions with infrequent establishment periods can be attempted with confidence in seed longevity.