• Applied Landscape Management in Plant Control

      Williamson, R. M.; Currier, W. F. (Society for Range Management, 1971-01-01)
      Plant control results in drastic abrupt changes in the dominating landscape of a site. To lessen this impact and create a pleasing aspect, the land manager must use his ingenuity in applying techniques that will result in coordinating basic data, soils, wildlife needs, esthetics, and range to arrive at an action plan that will maximize all resources and activities. Perhaps the most difficult land resource value to assess, maintain, and manage, is natural beauty. Thus, the application of a plant control project is a challenge in landscape management application. Experience has shown that, through a joint effort by all disciplines, it is possible to apply a practical form of landscape management that results in the retention and even enhancement of the natural beauty while accomplishing the basic resource objectives desired in a plant control program.