• Monthly Variation in the Chemical Composition of Desert Saltbush

      Chatterton, N. J.; Goodin, J. R.; McKell, C. M.; Parker, R. V.; Rible, J. M. (Society for Range Management, 1971-01-01)
      An intensive study was undertaken on a southern California range to elucidate the nutritive value of Atriplex polycarpa (Torr.) S. Wats. The investigation was designed to show variations in forage values throughout the year and to denote, if any, the correlations between nutritive qualities and the environmental conditions. Forage samples were analyzed for protein, fat, calcium, phosphorus, fiber, total ash, and nitrogen free extract; total digestible nutrients were calculated from digestion coefficients. Although the results showed significant variations in forage value throughout the year, the nutritional requirements of a grazing animal were generally satisfied. Desert saltbush can therefore serve as a dietary supplement and provide important nutritional components such as protein, calcium, phosphorus, and carotenoids when these components are less than adequate in the other available forage.