• Rainfall Pattern and Monthly Forage Yields in Thal Ranges of Pakistan

      Khan, C. M. A. (Society for Range Management, 1971-01-01)
      The multiple correlation and multiple regression between monthly forage yield of dhaman (Cenchrus ciliaris Linn.) and the four factors of the amount of monthly rainfall, the number of rainy days in the month, the amount of rainfall during the previous month and the month of the growing period were positive and highly significant (0.01 level). The same multiple relationships for karera (Elyonurus hirsutus Vahl.) were significant only if rainfall during the previous month was not included. There were highly significant positive correlation and regression relationships between forage yield and monthly rainfall, for both species. For either species, positive significant correlation existed betwen monthly forage yields and number of rainy days. Dhaman was more responsive than karera to all three rainfall factors involved.