• Blue Grama Vegetation Responds Inconsistently to Cholla Cactus Control

      Pieper, R. D. (Society for Range Management, 1971-01-01)
      Walkingstick cholla cactus was removed from plots with light (328 plants/acre), moderate (427 plants/acre) and heavy (607 plants/acre) cholla stands, and herbage production was determined on these and corresponding control plots over a four-year period. There were no significant differences between grubbed and ungrubbed for any year on any density class. However, when the data for four years were pooled, there was significantly greater production on the grubbed plots at the light and moderate cholla densities. On the plots with heavy cholla densities, herbaceous production was significantly higher on the ungrubbed plots. Lack of clear-cut response of herbaceous vegetation to cholla removal may be related to differences in early growth and in root distribution of cholla cactus and herbaceous vegetation.