• Natural Reproduction of Winterfat (Eurotia lanata) in New Mexico

      Woodmansee, R. G.; Potter, L. D. (Society for Range Management, 1971-01-01)
      In situ ecological factors influencing the natural reproduction of the important Western browse species winterfat (Eurotia lanata) were investigated in central and west-central New Mexico from summer 1967 to spring 1969. Seed of winterfat germinated in late winter and early spring on all slopes and in soils varying widely in origin and texture. Survival was greatest on disturbed soils which supported low vegetation that afforded some shelter but little shading for seedlings. The disturbed soils indicated greater moisture availability. Seedlings were tolerant to competition, and were often found in living clumps of grass. A comparison of vegetation on heavily grazed and protected ranges indicated winterfat was susceptible to heavy grazing, and reproduced when on protected or lightly grazed range dominated by low-growing grasses.