• The Role of Wet Meadows as Wildlife Habitat in the Southwest

      Patton, D. R.; Judd, B. A. (Society for Range Management, 1970-07-01)
      There are approximately 43,700 acres of wet meadows on National Forests in the Southwest. Three sites (meadow, transition, and dry forest) influence herbage production and plant composition. Average per acre production for a 3-year period was 2,690 lb, 1,330 lb, and 170 lb in the meadow, transition and surrounding dry forest sites, respectively, for two areas studied. Deer and elk spent more time in the adjacent forest edge than in the meadow, but time spent in the meadow may be more important for quantity and quality of forage.
    • Value of Broom Snakeweed as a Range Condition Indicator

      Jameson, D. A. (Society for Range Management, 1970-07-01)
      Following an initial 13 year stabilization period, changes in broom snakeweed populations on southwestern pinyon-juniper ranges were investigated over a subsequent 13-year period. The changes which occurred appeared to be the result of oscillating populations rather than of range condition.