• Behavior of Fistulated Steers on a Desert Grassland

      Zemo, T.; Klemmedson, J. O. (Society for Range Management, 1970-05-01)
      Behavior of four ruminal fistulated steers was studied for a 60-day period in mid-summer on mesquite and mesquite-free desert grassland pastures near Tucson, Arizona. Steers consistently grazed during four definite daylight grazing periods and two nighttime periods throughout the study. The four steers were remarkably similar in their activities and differed only in salting time; their activities did not appear to differ from those of intact cattle. Activities were similar on mesquite and mesquite-free pastures. As the grazing season advanced and forage matured, rumination time increased and frequency of urination declined. Other behavioral activities of the steers were unaffected by sources of variation studied.