• The American Society of Range Management and Conservation—What Does It Mean to Us?

      Poulton, Charles E. (Society for Range Management, 1969-09-01)
    • Time of Collection and Storage in Relation to Germination of Desert Saltbush Seed

      Chatterton, N. J.; McKell, C. M. (Society for Range Management, 1969-09-01)
      Seeds of desert saltbush (Atriplex polycarpa) were collected at two locations early and later during the season of seed maturity. The percentage of filled seed was highest in the early collection. Seed that matured early and was collected early germinated more rapidly and to a higher percentage than seed collected when not fully mature. Seeds left to ripen on the plants often germinate while still on the plants.
    • Trick Tanks: Water Developments for Range Livestock

      Pearson, H. A.; Morrison, D. C.; Wolke, W. K. (Society for Range Management, 1969-09-01)
      Trick tanks with large rain collectors may provide water for livestock at half the cost of hauling, with an added benefit of shelter.
    • Why Proper Grazing Use?

      Anderson, E. W. (Society for Range Management, 1969-09-01)
      Proper grazing use is paramount in attaining efficiency of rangeland production. Numerous scientific studies provide the basic reasons for practicing proper use. Results of grazing intensity studies are being reported from the West. The reasons for proper grazing use are emphasized. The benefits are enumerated.