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    • A Plea for Fewer but More-Significant Digits

      Dyne, George Van (Society for Range Management, 1969-01-01)
      Using data from this journal, the author shows how considerable savings can be made in space and in reading time by rounding tabulated data.
    • A Micro-Ridge Roller for Seedbed Modification

      Hyder, D. N; Bement, R. E. (Society for Range Management, 1969-01-01)
      Mechanical methods of seedbed preparation can not be fully developed for some sandy soils without a way to protect the soil from wind erosion. A firmed micro-ridge relief is being evaluated for benefits in both soil stability and soil-moisture relations. This paper describes the roller used to prepare a micro-ridge seedbed surface.
    • A Gate Latch for Electric Fences

      Dalrymple, R. L. (Society for Range Management, 1969-01-01)