• Maturity Studies with Western Wheatgrass

      Kamstra, L. D.; Schentzel, D. L.; Lewis, J. K.; Elderkin, R. L. (Society for Range Management, 1968-07-01)
      Leaf class (number of leaves per plant) and cutting date were considered as indices of maturity of western wheatgrass. Although some early-season effects of leaf class could be demonstrated, cutting date was a better measure of stage of maturity. Cutting date but not leaf class was shown to affect plant fractions and chemical components. The upper portion of the plant was more digestible than the basal portion. No digestibility effect was demonstrated for topographic location or leaf class. Leaf blades removed from plants under heavy grazing were more digestible in vitro than those from lightly-grazed pastures, probably because of later emergence or shorter height.