• Seasonal Grazing of Crested Wheatgrass by Cattle

      Harris, L. E.; Frischknecht, N. C.; Sudweeks, E. M. (Society for Range Management, 1968-07-01)
      Thirty-six pastures of crested wheatgrass were grazed in early spring plus early fall; late spring; all spring; early summer; late summer; early fall; and late fall. Summer and fall treatments included grazing with and without supplement. Yearlings made substantial gains in all seasons except during late fall when they lost weight. They finished the entire grazing period with an average gain of 224 lb. Calves gained 249 lb. Yearlings and calves did as well on crested wheatgrass as on forest range, and supplementation provided no additional gain. Cows on supplement gained 125 lb as compared to 50 lb for non-supplemented cows. In years with no fall regrowth, second grazing of crested wheatgrass without supplement produced daily gains in early fall equal to those for single grazing with supplement.