• Variation of Esophageal Fistula Samples Between Animals and Days on Tropical Grasslands

      Torell, D. T.; Bredon, R. M.; Marshall, B. (Society for Range Management, 1967-09-01)
      Forage collected by esophageal-fistulated cattle varies in chemical composition between days and animals. The number of samples needed for a given degree of accuracy was determined. Silica content of fistula steer feces was significantly different from feces from the non-fistulated steer. There were no significant differences in crude protein, crude fiber, and ether extract.
    • Water Requirements for Improved Livestock Performance on Rangeland

      Greenfield, S. F. (Society for Range Management, 1967-09-01)
      The close relationship between water intake and animal gains needs to be investigated for beef cattle under rangeland conditions. Water quality and distribution have nutritional implications and may contribute more to the desired level of livestock performance than commonly believed. If true, this would inspire and speed up the development of potential stockwater sources, enhance the benefit-cost ratio of economic considerations, and be useful to range management generally.
    • Weighing Forage Samples on Windy Ranges

      Bjerregaard, Richard S. (Society for Range Management, 1967-09-01)
    • What is Range Management?

      Stoddart, L. A. (Society for Range Management, 1967-09-01)