• Yield and Mineral Composition of Grass Species Grown on Acid Grassland Soils

      Guerrero, F. P.; Williams, W. A.; Martin, W. E. (Society for Range Management, 1967-03-01)
      The objective was to study the use of various grass species, two liming materials, and phosphorus as means of improving very acid, unproductive, grassland soils. Phosphorus applications increased yields of all 10 species at all levels of liming. Liming with a mixture of calcic and magnesium limes increased yield more than either alone. The outstanding performance of veldtgrass was associated with its calcium-foraging ability, which resulted in the highest tissue concentrations of calcium. These guidelines point toward the use of phosphorus and small amounts of limestone, containing both Ca and Mg, with calcium-foraging species for successful forage establishment in acid grassland soils.