• Influence of Grass Vegetation on Water Intake of Pullman Silty Clay Loam

      Dee, R. F.; Box, T. W.; Robertson, E. (Society for Range Management, 1966-03-01)
      Water infiltration rates varied under different plant communities. The soil under blue grama absorbed 8.4 inches of water in a 2-hour period compared with 5.6 inches for windmill grass, 3.8 inches for annual weeds and 2.1 inches for buffalograss. High positive correlations existed between water intake and the amount of standing vegetation, litter, and litter and vegetation combined.
    • Sulphur Dioxide Fumigations of Range Grasses Native to Southeastern Arizona

      Davis, C. R.; Howell, D. R.; Morgan, G. W. (Society for Range Management, 1966-03-01)
      An experiment was conducted with 4 sulphur dioxide fumigations each year for 5 consecutive years on the same plots of 3 species of range grasses native to Southeastern Arizona. There were no statistically significant detrimental effects upon the quantity or quality of either the forage or seed produced by these grasses.