• Improving Technical Assistance in Range Management in Developing Countries

      Peterson, R. A. (Society for Range Management, 1964-11-01)
      Improving technical assistance in range management abroad requires a consistent orientation which takes fully into account major obstacles in lesser developed countries. It demands participation of technicians well qualified to analyse and deal with problems at various levels.
    • Microdigestion of Grazed Annual Forage, Clipped Herbage, and Standard Samples by Cattle and Sheep

      Van Dyne, G. M.; Weir, W. C. (Society for Range Management, 1964-11-01)
      Microdigestion estimates were correlated with macrodigestion estimates obtained by lignin ratio technique under grazing or total collection procedures under dry-lot feeding. Over all techniques the correlation was about 0.72. Forages grazed by either cattle or sheep in midsummer were more disgestible than those grazed in early or late summer.