• Aerial Application of Herbicides for Control of Sand Sagebrush

      Bovey, R. W. (Society for Range Management, 1964-09-01)
      Single aerial applications of 2,4-D; 2,4,5-T; and a 1:1 mixture of the two gave excellent control of sand sagebrush at some locations in western Nebraska. Repeat applications were necessary for best results to kill regrowth the following year. Silvex consistently gave excellent control from a single application.
    • Cost of Tree Removal Through Chemicals

      McCorkle, C. O.; Murphy, A. H.; Rader, L.; Caton, D. D. (Society for Range Management, 1964-09-01)
      Four things must be known to estimate cost of chemical tree treatment: labor performance rates, quantity of material, wage rate, and unit cost of material. Labor and material requirements are related to tree diameter, stand density, and species treated.