• Seeding Western Wheatgrass with Increasing Rates of Perennial Ryegrass or Smooth Brome in Waterways

      Launchbaugh, J. L. (Society for Range Management, 1964-09-01)
      Western wheatgrass was planted at 8 lbs. per acre with increasing rates of perennial ryegrass and smooth brome in a new waterway. Perennial ryegrass increased until the second or third season, then was replaced by western wheatgrass. Smooth brome increased and dominated all plots. It seems advisable to use short-lived, unadapted plants such as perennial ryegrass as companion species to western wheatgrass.
    • The Relation of Grazing to Plant Succession in the Tall Grass Prairie

      Penfound, W. T. (Society for Range Management, 1964-09-01)
      Grassland plots were subject to moderate grazing until 1949, but half of the plots were protected after that time. In general, complete protection from grazing resulted in rapid plant succession, an improvement in vegetation composition, a decrease in forage, and an increase in fresh and humic mulch.