• A Systems Thinking Approach to Ranching: Finding Leverage to Mitigate Drought

      Rhoades, Ryan D.; McCuistion, Kimberly C.; Mathis, Clay P. (Society for Range Management, 2014-12-01)
      On the Ground • Drought is an adaptive challenge where management strategies and practices that work today might not work tomorrow. Adaptive challenges facing management may require thinking systemically to determine leverage points. • Systems thinking can be an effective way to see the big picture, deal with complex situations, and create effective long-term management alternatives for the ranch. • Successful management alternatives will provide flexibility to protect the core business (i.e., cow herd), be enterprise-diverse to spread risk, and allow management for the good of the whole, not simplyto maximize the pieces. • It is important to evaluate your own ranching system to identify the appropriate enterprises or practices, there is no best mix.