• Uncertainty, Impermanence Syndrome, and Public Land Ranching

      Parry, Samuel F.; Skaggs, Rhonda (Society for Range Management, 2014-04-01)
      On the Ground • Impermanence syndrome involves farmer apprehension or uncertainty about the future and leads to disinvestment in an agricultural operation as well as erosion of producer confidence. • We explored impermanence syndrome among New Mexico public rangeland cattle producers in order to assess perceptions of impermanence syndrome impact factors in the region. • Urban fringe effects, proximity to the US-Mexico border, multiple-use of public rangelands, public perception of public land ranching, as well as economic and government agency issues were identified as causes of ranching impermanence syndrome. • Mitigation of uncertainty and perceived impermanence threats to ranching would promote management and investments that promote longhaul planning for and enhancement of rangeland Health.