• Evaluating an On-Ranch Rangeland Monitoring Program in Nebraska

      Stephenson, M. B.; Wilmer, H.; Bolze, R.; Schiltz, B. (Society for Range Management, 2017-10)
      Rangeland monitoring is an important component of rangeland management. The Nebraska Grazing Lands Coalition developed a rangeland monitoring program (RMP) in 2009 to assist livestock producers in monitoring rangelands on their ranches. Determining rangeland condition and fulfilling a requirement for conservation incentive programs were the most important reasons livestock producers participated in the RMP. Eighty-seven percent of survey participants indicated they had continued monitoring following the RMP and many indicated they had made management changes to their ranches. Monitoring is an important part of the adaptive management feedback loop. The RMP provided a resource to train producers in monitoring techniques. More tools to interpret monitoring data and increased follow-up by technicians may help producers better utilize their monitoring data. © 2017 The Society for Range Management